Started in 1947, Labre & Associés is one of the principal land surveyor firm in Quebec.


Labre & Associés built its reputation on five fundamental elements:


·    An absolute respect of its clientele

·    A quality service

·    A personnel with a high level of competence

·    The use of the most state-of-the-art technology

·    Multiple and varied realizations


It is on this basis that rests Labre & Associés' principal objective:  adequately serving our clientele while insuring a foolproof quality in the execution of our work.  We are proud of each and every one of our realizations and our clientele's satisfaction is our first evaluation criteria.


The client that calls on Labre & Associés can count on competent and devoted professionals.  As early as the first meeting, we ensure that we establish a clear and mutual understanding of the given contract.  The work methods, the deadlines and costs are discussed in a straightforward and honest manner, eliminating any erroneous interpretation.  When the work is done, we ensure that the product meets our own standards of quality, for technical, aesthetics, and meets the client's expectations.



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